Project Description


David Crone was born in Belfast in 1937 and went to the Belfast College of Art in 1956 to study sculpture (his best known surviving work in sculpture is his Horse and Rider (1960) which is in the Queen’s University Collection). Crone finished his studies in sculpture but slowly gave it up and turned to painting, a medium with which he has worked ever since. Crone is a member of the RHA (Royal Hibernian Academy).

Nowadays much of the landscape (and townscape) painting produced in this country celebrates an Ireland that never really existed. It consoles too easily and stops us thinking. In his energetic engagement with the world, Crone defies such complacency. A thundery disquietude hangs over even his brightest creations. His watchful, edgy, ambiguous work suggests that everything – from wild flower to boulder, from graffito to stone cross – is provisional. David Crone’s wonderful paintings commemorate the interim.– Michael Longley


Selected Exhibitions

  • 2022 Garden Objects, Hillsboro Fine Art, Dublin
  • 2010 The Space Between, Hillsboro Fine Art, Dublin
  • 2009 New Paintings, Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • 2007 New Paintings, John Martin Gallery, London, England
  • 2007 New Paintings, Hillsboro Fine Art, Dublin
  • 2004 Hillsboro Fine Art, Dublin
  • 2004 Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast
  • 1999 David Crone, Paintings 1963-1999, Ulster Museum, Belfast
  • 1997 Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • 1996 Kerlin Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
  • 1996 When Time Began to Rant and Rage, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool; Berkeley Art Museum, University of California; Grey Art Gallery, New York University
  • 1996 Le 29eme Festival International de la Peinture, Cagnes-sur-Mer, France
  • 1993 Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • 1993 Cologne Art Fair, Germany
  • 1990 Kerlin Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
  • 1991 The Fifth Province, Edmonton Art Gallery, Alberta, Canada
  • 1990 Parable Island, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, England
  • 1990 Ainscough Gallery, Liverpool, England
  • 1989 Portraits and Prospects, Ulster Museum and Smithsonian Institute, USA
  • 1987 Kerlin Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
  • 1984 Academia San Carlos, Mexico City, Mexico
  • 1982 Tom Caldwell Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
  • 1982 Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Bank of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland
  • 1973 Group 63, Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Belfast
  • 1973 Irish Drawings, Hull Fleming Gallery, Vermont, USA
  • 1973 Hibernian Inscape, Belfast, Northern Ireland; Dublin, Ireland; Glasgow, Scotland
  • 1973 The Delighted Eye, London, England
  • 1973 Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • 1973 Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • 1965 Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • 1963 Irish Exhibition of Living Art, Dublin, Ireland
  • 1962 Open Painting, Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Belfast, Northern Ireland